After many years in the teleradiology industry, our radiologists are familiar with most of the IT platforms in the industry.  We understand the good, the bad and the dangerous.  Our teleradiology IT platform was built by the programmers who revolutionized the teleradiology industry.  It is specifically built for teleradiology service providers - and we are absolutely confident it is the easiest to implement, has the most simple and functional client side interface and provides the highest level of security and performance in the industry. 

We meet the highest level of data security and back-up - including the level of security required for providing teleradiology services for our VA and Dept. of Defense clients.


We can integrate anything from a multi-site hospital network with HL-7 interface to multiple mobile units.  Your staff will find the interface to be the most intuitive they have used to enter orders and track cases and your clinicians can view reports and images instantly online from any location.

Let us prove it to you.