does your teleradiology company have alternative goals?

It might be all butterflies and rainbows at the first meeting. They say all the right things and have all the right answers. They can meet all the metrics and promise to deliver the results you need, when you need them. You agree to the terms, sign the contract, and settle in. But is it what it seems, or is there an ulterior motive?

Some teleradiology company are going hosting contracts that give them access and information to your clients. They are starting to target radiology groups that use teleradiology companies that would want to supplement them for the work.

Ask yourself

  • Does your teleradiology company really share your mission and vision?
  • Are they going to help provide the solutions and support your need to reach your goals or are they just trying to reach their goals?
  • Is your teleradiology provider going after on-site contracts like the ones you have with your hospitals?

What to look for

  • Look for a well-established and trusted radiology services partner
  • Do your research – do they have any negative reviews?
  • Consider their existing clients – are there any red flags?
  • Speak to more than one existing client

Just because they say that they are patient-focused and have quality and integrity doesn’t mean they always do. Pay attention to the details and make sure you are truly getting a partner that will be working with you, not against you.

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