Real Radiology in 7th year of sustainable success as teleradiology provider

Omaha, NE – Real Radiology, LLC (NE) is setting the standard for sustainable growth and continued patient-care excellence in the high-demand industry of teleradiology.

The global teleradiology market is predicted to reach an all-time high both in market value and demand, according to a recently published analysis by Grand View Research. This growth is rooted in increased chronic disease rates, a growing geriatric population, legislative action and government funding for R&D, and the ever-evolving technology, such as AI, for faster read times. 

With this growth, there is the risk that the interests of shareholders and investors will begin to eclipse the goal of putting care first.

In the midst of this global teleradiology expansion, Real Radiology is setting the example for negotiating rapid growth while retaining a steadfast focus on putting patient needs first.

Real has been strategically growing their client base of radiology groups and hospital clients, while maintaining a 100% retention rate (note: this statistic does not refer to any radiology groups that were absorbed by another group or hospital where the new entity was able to provide the needed coverage). This retention is due to providing quality reporting within an average 20-minute TAT.

Attracting and retaining only the best physicians is another cornerstone of Real Radiology’s history of success. They have more than doubled in size since their inception, and their retention rate is currently among the highest within the industry. 

Real enables a higher quality of life for their reading radiologists by being mindful of burnout and incorporating an innovative scheduling process that ensures volume demands are met while nurturing a healthy work/life balance. 

The owners and partners of Real Radiology manage the practice and actively read cases for their clients daily. The physician owners are always within steps of their reading station and one of them is always on call. 

Real Radiology’s 24/7/365 customer service logistics teams and accessible physicians help improve the patient care process for the ED, other care providers, and, ultimately, the patient. 

About Real Radiology, LLC

Real Radiology is a national provider of teleradiology services that produces accurate, timely reports, to ensure the highest quality patient care. Real Radiology is accredited by theJoint Commission and is 100% radiologist owned and operated. Their physicians are US-based, US Board Certified Radiologists committed to providing the highest quality teleradiology service to you and your patients while maintaining a personal relationship with you, your staff and the clinicians you serve. They serve radiology groups, hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and ER centers. 

Visit to learn more about their services. 

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