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Radiology – In today’s healthcare environment, it is expected to be continuously improving. With teleradiology services, the facility’s need is to receive timely, quality reporting and accessible radiologists to be available for consult, and many need 24/7/365 support. After exploring the pressures present within the industry today, we found a couple of them compelling and worth sharing.

The results of the surveys and noted conversations with radiologists, radiology group executives, hospital radiology department administrators at RSNA, Spring HCP, RBMA, AHRA and Fall HCP conferences, slightly over 50% expressed serious concerns about the incumbent teleradiology providers’ turnaround times and or quality. All we surveyed were non-Real Radiology clients at the time of the survey (some have since selected Real).

Many of those we spoke with were consistently dealing with (30), (40) and even over (60) minutes for STAT reports. We wanted to get to the root of the issue.

What we found to be most compelling; many of those surveyed had conveyed the same issues the previous year, as well as (2) and (3) years before. Aware of the issues, yet, a change to improve the quality of life for their radiologists, care providers and most importantly, the patient’s care seemed too big of a challenge. And now, most of them have been instructed to find a new solution.

Remedy: Real Radiology

Receiving on-time, quality reporting on a consistent basis supports efficiencies and QOL (quality of life). The ED care-providers, the radiologists we’re supporting, the patient, even the teleradiology service provider’s entire team benefit to the overall positive experiences they’re associated with, vs. having continuous fires to put out.

On the other side of the coin – for the proficient and efficient teleradiologists, delays create unnecessary stress and pressure. If a teleradiologist is in this situation, they can’t help but be associated with the organization that is failing the clients. A radiologist who is with a telerad-provider that collectively is unable to meet the need of their clients is now choosing to align with a champion in the industry. Since Real established in 2012, Real has retained 100% of our emergent Rad-Group and Hospital clients by meeting turn-around-time and quality expectations. Real Radiology was founded by (3) reading radiologists who saw the current shortage of radiologists coming. There’s a reason why Real has retained its physicians and clients.

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