How Teleradiology Can Benefit Your Practice at All Hours of the Day

Benefits of Teleradiology

Telehealth is revolutionizing the practice of medicine, enabling efficient and effective communications among physicians and between patients and physicians, regardless of their location. Technological advances are also expanding real-time access to specialized expertise, and in no field is this more evident than radiology.

To complete non-interventional diagnostic examinations, the interpreting radiologist does not need to be physically present in the exam room with the patient. All necessary images and medical records can be quickly and securely transmitted between locations within minutes, equipping an off-site radiology specialist with everything he or she needs to deliver a thorough, accurate, and timely report. In turn, the provider can quickly access the imaging information needed to diagnose the patient, thus allowing the patient to begin treatment sooner. When there is a critical finding, the radiologist will phone the care provider directly. This measure is to help eliminate unnecessary delays and ensure clear communication.

Strengthen Your Radiology Staff with Real Radiology

Considering the high demand of radiologists across the US, many groups and hospitals are scrambling to hire from an already limited number of available radiologists. Many radiology group administrators or physicians may find themselves reaching across community lines to other radiology groups, in an attempt to resolve their mutual daytime staffing shortages. This is where it becomes difficult, as physicians from Group A need to be credentialed with Group B’s facilities, the IT integration and workflow need to be established for Group B to read Group A’s facilities. Credentialing of Group A’s physicians need to be performed with the payors of Group B. And you can see where this is going.

If this sounds like a situation your group is in, Real Radiology offers a solution:

  • REAL is already credentialed
  • REAL is are already credentialed with your payors
  • REAL is already integrated with your facilities
  • REAL provides 24/7/365 IT and customer support
  • REAL has accessible physicians, always
  • REAL is non-competitive
  • REAL is able to flex the portion of FTE you need

You can rely on the expertise of our exceptional group of US-based, fellowship-trained radiologists who are certified/eligible by the American Board of Radiology (ABR). These seasoned professionals are committed to providing timely and accurate reporting.

The first step in resolving this issue is starting a conversation. Schedule a meeting with Real Radiology

Benefit From Our Wide-Ranging Expertise

The scope of radiology varies widely. Different expertise is needed to interpret images generated from different technologies, such as X-ray, MRI, CT, PET, ultrasound, mammography, and DEXA. What’s more, like many health care organizations, you may occasionally face shortages in your in-house radiology team, especially during after hours, weekends, and holidays. As your teleradiology partner, Real Radiology will be seamlessly integrated into your daily operations, ensuring a smooth transition when you need us to support the care providers.

Gain the Ability to Branch Out & Broaden Your Practice

If there is any variability in your caseload with regard to imaging modalities or subspecialty reads, teleradiology will provide the distinct advantage of greater access to specialized skills. Perhaps an existing or prospective referrer would like to begin sending studies that require a particular area of expertise that is brand-new to your practice. A teleradiology partnership with Real Radiology will allow you to more readily accept such requests—without the need to invest in a full-time specialist, and without the need to wait until a new hire gets up to speed on your organization’s systems, processes, protocols, and personnel. Real Radiology eliminates the learning curve; our radiology specialists are ready to go on day one.

Serving as your trusted teleradiology partner, Real Radiology will supplement your in-house radiology team rather than compete with it or attempt to replace it. Working closely with your organization, we will ensure that our goals and practices are fully aligned.

Contact Real Radiology, and make the transition to teleradiology today.

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