Coronary CTA

Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (Coronary CTA)

Our specialized team of radiologists are committed to helping you develop and maintain a quality Coronary CTA program. Real Radiology gives you the expertise you need while allowing you to save time obtaining the results your clients demand.

Accurate Reporting & Quick Feedback

Coronary CTA has emerged as a reliable non-invasive means to evaluate coronary arteries. Our highly trained radiologists at Argus Radiology provide consistent feedback you can trust with all of your Coronary CTA readings. Because your Coronary CTA scans are transmitted via teleradiology, you gain all the flexibility you need, when it is necessary. We can cover all of your Coronary CTA, handle overflow workload, or fill in when you run short on coverage due to vacation schedules, sickness, or meetings.

Real Radiologists Provide Timely and Accurate Interpretations of Coronary CTA Scans to aid:

  • Detection of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) in symptomatic patients without known heart disease, either non-acute or acute presentations.
  • Detection of CAD in patients with new onset or newly diagnosed clinical heart failure and no prior CAD.
  • Preoperative coronary assessment prior to non-coronary cardiac surgery.
  • Patients with prior ECG exercise testing – Normal test with continued symptoms or intermediate risk Duke Treadmill score.
  • Patients with prior stress imaging procedures – Discordant ECG exercise and imaging results or equivocal stress imaging results.
  • Evaluation of new or worsening symptoms in the setting of a past normal stress imaging study
  • Risk assessment post revascularization – Symptomatic if post coronary artery bypass grafting or asymptomatic with prior left main coronary stent greater than or equal to 3 mm.
  • Evaluation of cardiac structure and function in adult congenital heart disease.
  • Evaluation of cardiac structure and function – Ventricular morphology and systolic function.
  • Evaluation of cardiac structure and function – Intracardiac and extracardiac structures.