Key Points of Differentiation

A Teleradiology Company You Can Trust

Real Radiology is a company you can trust with your patients and your business. We understand the responsibility of providing quality service to your patients and your clinicians. Consistently receiving on-time, quality reporting offers a positive experience for everyone involved – from the ED care-providers to the supported radiologists to the patient. Your entire team deserves to have a dependable teleradiology partner they can trust; Real Radiology is that partner. 

Seamless, Secure Communication

Having a quality radiologist interpret studies is only part of the teleradiology solution. Additionally, the process requires seamless communication and accessibility – and that is what we deliver, 24/7/365.

Your IT connection to our service is secure and reliable. Our IT platform was built specifically for teleradiology. With Real Radiology, your patient’s data is secure to the highest standards in the industry and is HIPAA compliant. Real Radiology’s RIS/PACS (ONEPacs) data security complies with the highest level of IT security requirements within the healthcare industry.

Personal Attention You Deserve

Real Radiology is radiologist-owned and operated. Active at every level of the company, radiologist leadership ensures that every concern is addressed with patient care the number one priority. 

Every customer receives the attention they deserve, tailored to the scope of service needed.

No Competition For Your Business

Real Radiology’s business model is “Teleradiology” and does not include “on-site”. This choice removes any sense of competition with Hospital-Employed or Contracted Rad groups.

A Model That Works

Our proactive monitoring, as well as tracking of critical findings and communications, help us anticipate and address problems before they arise or result in a service delay. Real Radiology has grown strategically since our beginning; the market has responded favorably to our personable and proactive approach. 

Since Real established in 2012, we have retained our emergent Rad-Group and Hospital clients at a rate far above the industry average, by meeting turn-around-time and quality expectations. That’s a track record you can depend on when it comes to trusting us as your partner in teleradiology.

Why Choose Real Radiology?

Teleradiologist Companies

As a national provider of teleradiology solutions, Real Radiology was established with a singular purpose: to enhance patient care by providing our clients—hospitals, radiology groups, standalone emergency rooms, multispecialty medical clinics, and urgent care centers—with outstanding teleradiology services. When our company was formed in 2012, we recognized the need for accessible, accurate, and timely radiology reporting. Every day since then, we have fulfilled that need by making our experienced radiologists available to our clients’ patient care providers 24/7/365.

We’re Owned & Operated by Experienced Radiologists

Real Radiology was founded by practicing radiologists who are dedicated to delivering outstanding patient care and superior client service. Receiving the Gold Seal of Approval(r) in 2013, Real Radiology remains in good standing and is accredited by The Joint Commission. Collectively, our owners have nearly 50 years of radiology experience, and each is fellowship trained and certified by the American Board of Radiology. In addition to their leadership responsibilities, our owners take an active role in interpreting imaging studies and collaborating with our clients. Highly involved at every level of our organization, our physician-owners ensure that every client concern is addressed with patient care in mind.

Our Emergent Radiology Specialists Are Available When You Need Them

Thanks to cutting-edge technology platforms, integration, and high-speed bandwidths, our clients’ patient care providers can benefit from the highly specialized expertise of our radiologists. Unlike the conventional practice of radiology, which requires the reading radiologist to be physically present at the imaging site, our teleradiology services are delivered remotely. Our proximity to the patient care setting is immaterial to the level of service we provide, as is the time of day.

We Streamline & Safeguard All Communications

At Real Radiology, we know that having 24/7/365 access to qualified radiologists for image interpretation is only one part of the teleradiology equation. To ensure that our teleradiology services are highly reliable, we utilize state-of-the-art productivity tools, including distributed workflow, web-based technology, and seamless integration. Furthermore, to ensure that all patient information is fully protected, we maintain a secure, encrypted, and redundant network that meets or exceeds all applicable standards established by the American College of Radiology (ACR), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM®), and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Our combined IT package, complete with redundancy and backup, allows us to deliver better management of high-volume cases with timely turnarounds.

In sum, Real Radiology delivers best-in-class teleradiology services and reports for our clients, their care providers, and ultimately the patients we collectively serve.