Digital Mammography & 3D/Tomography

Accurate Reporting for Screening

Digital Mammography Screening

With Real Radiology as your partner, your center has the opportunity to improve productivity and workflow for your business while offering patients the most advanced technology to support life-saving early detection, effective diagnosis, intervention, and treatment.

By offering the most exceptional interpretation possible, Real Radiology maintains a steadfast interest in the field of women’s healthcare.

Telemammography Services

Supporting Mammo screening in 3D breast tomosynthesis (one of the newest, most powerful diagnostic tools for the early detection of breast cancer), ultrasound or Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) screening, Real Radiology provides accurate reporting for your mammography services. Our workflow and image analytic solutions are tailor-made to address your facility’s or imaging department’s needs and protocol.

Digital Mammography Screening with Accurate Reporting and timely Feedback

Factors such as inherited changes in specific genes, personal or family history of breast cancer, having dense breasts, beginning to menstruate before age 12, starting menopause after age 55, having a first full-term pregnancy after age 30, never having been pregnant, obesity after menopause and even alcohol use can all contribute to increased chances of developing breast cancer. With high rates of breast cancer in the United States, accurate screening, reporting, and early diagnosis are crucial to your mammography services.

Allow Real Radiology to support your center with the feedback, care, and responsiveness you want to provide to all of your clients needing digital mammography screening.