Final Reads

Final Reads, An Option for Your Practice

Final Reads

Final Reads, Teleradiology Radiology is a technology-driven field, and rapidly evolving tools and techniques—coupled with an aging population—are causing the demand for imaging services to skyrocket. But radiologists are currently in short supply, a trend that experts predict will likely continue, at least in the short term. That “perfect storm” has left many providers scrambling for talent in order to ensure that their patients can receive the best possible medical care. Indeed, the input of a radiologist is often essential, both at the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of treatment.

Recognizing the growing need for accurate radiology reporting with a timely turnaround—amid the national shortage of both radiology generalists and subspecialists—Real Radiology has developed an effective and forward-thinking teleradiology solution. By providing high-quality final reads via an intuitive and stable web-based RIS/PACS system, we help many radiology groups, hospitals, standalone emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, and multi-specialty practices across the United States meet their imaging needs, allowing them to provide better patient care.

Real Radiology connects your subspecialty clinicians with our subspecialty radiologists 24/7/365, relieving many of the burdens on your in-house radiologists. For instance, each morning, many of your physicians may face a backlog of preliminary reads that were completed overnight. By performing final reads as needed during the late night and early morning hours, our teleradiologists can eliminate bottlenecks, streamline the diagnostic process, and ensure your patients promptly receive their crucial results.

With Real Radiology, subspecialty radiology expertise is always just a click away. Your patients’ images can be securely delivered to us in a matter of seconds, then a top-notch radiologist will provide a thorough interpretation and deliver your final reads in a timely manner. For more information, contact us today.

Real Radiology’s Final Teleradiology Reads Offer:

  • Expansion with subspecialties
  • Coverage 24/7/365 days per year
  • Seamless study sending and report receipt workflow into the desired platforms (PACS, Billing Software), tailored to your specifications
  • More manageable workloads (no more morning backlogs) 
  • Improving patient-care options (freeing up rooms/beds)
  • Increasing quality of life for our client’s radiologists
  • Secure ACR, DICOM, and HIPAA compliant environment
  • Potential to improve the time between diagnosis and treatment
  • Quality assurance program with constant internal and external collaboration
  • Randomly assigned Independent Peer Reviews and submission to RADPEER

Regardless of your size or where your facility is located, Real Radiology provides consistent quality and turn-around time reporting.