Maintain Better Control of your Practice

With Fractional FTE Radiology and Teleradiology from Real Radiology

Radiology groups often run into the quandary of needing more help on either a regular or part-time basis. Our Fractional FTE services provide each client with a tailored solution to meet the precise teleradiology service need.

Partnering with Real Radiology allows you to remain cost-effective while maintaining a manageable workload. We are committed to helping you achieve a consistently high standard of radiology. 

Fractional FTE Radiology

Fractional FTE Radiology Radiology is crucial to medical care, and the demand for skilled radiologists continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. In addition to X-ray—which transformed the practice of medicine—radiology has expanded to include other, highly specialized imaging technologies, such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and position emission tomography (PET). As such, your need for subspecialty radiology expertise can be highly unpredictable and vary considerably from day to day.

As a nationwide provider of teleradiology services, Real Radiology has developed and implemented a program to help you fill the gaps so you can meet your peak practice cycles and unanticipated patient volumes. As your trusted and flexible teleradiology partner, we will deliver fractional FTE radiology services that are tailored to address the precise needs of your hospital, imaging center, or medical practice. Whether you need extra support on a regular or occasional basis, we will help your organization remain cost-effective while maintaining a manageable workload. Our U.S.-based radiology subspecialists are available 24/7/365, ensuring that you have convenient access to highly refined expertise at any given moment, day or night.

Real Radiology was founded by practicing radiologists who are committed to delivering outstanding patient care and superior client service to our partners. We understand your need for fractional FTE radiology, and we’re here to help you meet it. Allow us to take your radiology reporting to the next level and help your business thrive.

“Real Radiology’s physicians and customer support teams have made it easy and convenient to work with, all-the-while meeting our emergent TATs with efficient, quality reports. Our care-providers have noticed the positive difference since Real became TDIR’s teleradiology partner.”

— Dr. Jason Martens MD, Tulsa Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology/ Medical Staff President, Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, OK