Neuroradiology, Brain & Spine A subspecialty of the radiology field, neuroradiology focuses on the utilization of neuroimaging techniques to diagnose conditions affecting the complex, intricate central nervous system, peripheral nerve system, brain, spine, head, and neck. Neuroradiologists provide vital support to neurologists, neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, and other physicians in two key ways: first, by helping them select the most appropriate imaging protocol in a given situation, and second, by helping them interpret neuroimaging studies.

Benefit From Our Accessible & Focused Expertise

Real Radiology offers teleradiology solutions that make highly refined neuroradiology expertise accessible to your practice 24/7/365. Our US-based, ABR certified, fellowship-trained physicians who specialize in interpreting images produced by cutting-edge technology, including Neuroangiography – Utilizes CT and injected contrast dye to create images of blood vessels in the brain, aka CTA with contrast.

These important neuroradiology exams help physicians diagnose strokes, tumors, aneurysms, Alzheimer’s disease, genetic conditions, and other causes of neurological dysfunction, often at an early stage.

In the field of neurology, timely and accurate image interpretations are essential to establish peace of mind as well as a clear path forward. The highly skilled neuroradiologists at Real Radiology can complement your neurology practice by serving as key members of your patients’ diagnostic and treatment team.