Spinal Radiology

Spinal RadiologyNeck and back pain are very common, particularly among older adults, athletes, and sedentary individuals. And as anyone who has experienced it can attest, a spine condition can detract from quality of life. The key to finding effective and lasting relief is an accurate diagnosis. In addition to a detailed medical history and comprehensive physical examination, medical imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis of many spine conditions.

Because the spine is a complex structure, spinal radiology is highly nuanced and specialized expertise is necessary to accurately interpret the resulting images. However, many health care organizations do not have a diverse team of radiology subspecialists on staff. Real Radiology—a physician-owned radiology group—offers an excellent alternative: comprehensive teleradiology services.

Specialized Expertise Available Around the Clock

When you partner with Real Radiology, you can tap into the vast and refined knowledge of our radiology subspecialists 24/7/365. Regardless of the time of day, you can feel confident that your spinal radiology images will be promptly and accurately read by a fellowship-trained radiologist who is certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) (or eligible for certification). Based in the U.S., our spinal radiology specialists have extensive experience in interpreting all types of images used to evaluate the spine, including X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, myelography, discography angiography, sonography, and isotope imaging.

Radiology is crucial to medical care in general and spine care in particular. At Real Radiology, we understand that medical practitioners rely heavily on radiologists. You can count on our skilled spinal radiologists to deliver a specialized read on every case. And rather than replacing your in-house radiologists, the Real Radiology spinal radiologists will work seamlessly alongside them. Together, we can deliver better spine care and improve patient outcomes.