What Makes real radiology Different From Other Teleradiology Companies?

Service, technology, and customer satisfaction. These are just a few of the most important elements you want covered during your search for your perfect teleradiology partner. With Real Radiology, you don’t have to look far. We’ve compiled our key points of differentiation below.

The Benefits of Teleradiology


Teleradiology is revolutionizing the practice of medicine, leading to greater efficiency, time saving, and quality of life improvement. Through groundbreaking technological advances, imaging scans can be electronically transmitted from the patient’s examination site to the interpreting radiologist’s location. As such, accurate reporting and timely consultations are possible regardless of the distance between the referring physician and the radiologist or the time of day.

More specifically, here are some key benefits of teleradiology services:

Accelerated Diagnostics & Better Patient Care

Teleradiology facilitates a near-instantaneous visualization of medical imaging scans. If done properly, a radiologist can interpret images and report the results to the referring physician swiftly and accurately. In turn, the referring physician can quickly access the imaging information needed to diagnose the patient, thus allowing the patient to begin treatment sooner.

Readily Available Specialist Expertise

Medical practices often face shortages in their in-house radiology team, particularly during night shifts and holidays. What’s more, the scope of radiology varies greatly, and different expertise is often needed to interpret imaging studies from different modalities, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, mammograms, and more. In these scenarios, teleradiology serves as an effective stop-gap.

Reduced Travel & Staffing Costs

Teleradiology allows radiologists to work remotely—from virtually anywhere—without compromising the quality of the reporting. By eliminating the need for the reading radiologist to travel to the location where the patient’s images were captured, teleradiology also eliminates any costs associated with that travel. Additionally, health care organizations such as hospitals, emergency rooms, radiology groups, multispecialty practices, and urgent care clinics can save by not having to hire a staff of full-time radiology specialists.

Improvements Across All Health Care Settings

Because teleradiology solutions are web-based, their geographical reach is essentially limitless. This means that all health care organizations, no matter how rural or remote their location, can benefit from easily accessible and highly refined radiology expertise.

By expediting the delivery of medical information that is crucial to the diagnostic process, teleradiology is directly improving patient outcomes and saving lives.

Radiologist Owned and Managed Teleradiology Company

Radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the forefront.



Dr. Jon Jaksha, MD is a US board-certified radiologist with over 20 years of experience and serves as Managing Partner at Real Radiology,


Dr. Mohammed F. Quraishi became a Partner of Real Radiology in August of 2015, with over 15 years of experience as a board-certified radiologist.


Real Radiology provides “white-glove” support to radiologists, (radiology groups and hospital radiology departments). In our standard service agreement, we include a non-competition statement, as Real Radiology is in business to support radiologists, and does not compete.

Accessible Radiologists

Real Radiology physicians are accessible through our customer support team. 24/7/365

Unique Business Model

Real Radiology’s efficient, proprietary scheduling process provides our clients with a light credentialing footprint. Being Accredited by The Joint Commission, Real Radiology encourages delegated credentialing, aka by-proxy agreements.

Personalized Service

Tailored to your needs, your work-flow, and your preferences, based upon your platforms’ abilities.

Client Retention Rate that Exceeds the Industry Average

Real Radiology retains our clients (emergent radiology groups and hospital clients) at a rate far above the industry average.

of Reports

Our reading Radiologists pride themselves in both efficiency and quality. Your reports will be thorough and accurate.

Intuitive, Stable Web-Based RIS/PACS System

Provides a comprehensive platform for submission, view, and receipt of reports (Finals or Preliminary). 24-hour support (made possible with our redundant staffing practices).

Transparent Turn-Around Times

Consistently averaging less than 20 minute turn-around times (TAT). 

Credentialing by Proxy

AKA Delegated Credentialing. As a patient-care centered organization, Real encourages credentialing by proxy. In compliance with The Joint Commission, having this abbreviated process available is efficient, proven, and enhances patient care. 

This process eliminates the burdensome, time-consuming application and primary source verification process – streamlining it to provide fully credentialed support in as little as two to four weeks.