Cutting-Edge Technology for Your Workflow & Security

Real Radiology successfully integrates from a single stand-alone facility to a multi-site, multi-state health system network.  For some, a gateway application is sufficient, while others require bi-directional HL-7 interfaces and auto fetching of prior studies. Additionally, we have the capability to automate the retrieval of prior reports by working with clients to create a repository.  Some clients prefer additional automation where Real Radiology reports are pushed-back into the desired (e.g., RIS, PACS, EMR, Billing) platforms.  Your staff will find the interface to be the most intuitive. Patient data DICOM-strips into our RIS/PACS, easing order-entry, case tracking, and your clinicians may view reports and images instantly online from any location.

Access Our Advanced Technology

  • Reports are available by fax, online, or via HL7 interface for prelims or finals at the moment they are completed or signed by the radiologist.
  • Report turnaround times are expedited with medical-grade voice recognition technology and audited by a Real Radiology Associate.
  • We are facilitating workflow with intelligent assignment engine logic based on licensing, credentials, specialty, and urgency.
  • Enhanced administrative tools ensure a smooth workflow.
  • A suite of tools eases the performance of technologist duties.
  • Implementation is painless.

Secure and Confidential Teleradiology

Our teleradiology IT platform is the result of programmers who revolutionized the teleradiology industry. Real Radiology’s PACS is designed and continuously enhanced for teleradiology service providers. We are confident it is the easiest to implement, has the most functional and straightforward client-side interface, and provides the highest level of security and performance in the industry.

We meet the highest level of data security and back-up – including the necessary level of protection for providing teleradiology services for even our Dept. of Defense clients.

With Real Radiology’s PACS (OnePacs), your patient’s data never leaves a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. We comply with NIST and HIPAA standards and employ third party security auditing and certification on a continual basis to ensure the highest level of data security.

The bottom line: Your data is safe with Real with an uptime of 99.999%.

IT Support 24/7/365

Systems are monitored and maintained continuously. This proactive investment eliminates workflow disruption and provides Real Radiology’s clients with exceptional uptime.