Teleradiology Built to Meet Your Needs

At Real Radiology, our sole focus is to provide personalized teleradiology services that equip you to provide the best patient care to your community. This mission doesn’t change based on the size, location, or technical capabilities of our customers. Real Radiology can tailor a partnership that best serves your needs. Our goal is to expand your practice, eliminate your stress, and improve the quality of patient care. 


Teleradiology Subspecialties Effective health care requires the collective effort of a diverse team of medical professionals with highly refined expertise, including radiologists. Medical imaging serves a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses and injuries, and the wide-ranging field of radiology continues to expand at a rapid pace. Although it is becoming increasingly necessary, it can also be difficult and expensive for a medical practice or facility to hire and retain a full staff of radiologists in every specialty.

As a physician-owned radiology group, REAL Radiology understands that, and we offer an ideal solution: We provide comprehensive teleradiology services to radiology groups, hospitals, standalone emergency rooms, multi-specialty practices, urgent care clinics, and imaging centers across the nation.

Our Subspecialties

Based in the U.S., all REAL Radiology physicians are certified or eligible for certification by the American Board of Radiology (ABR), and many of these professionals have pursued imaging subspecialties. Our team includes fellowship-trained radiologists who specialize in:

  • Emergency Radiology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Musculoskeletal Radiology
  • Body Imaging/Cross-Sectional Imaging (CT, MR, US)
  • Vascular/Interventional Radiology
  • Prostate MR
  • Nuclear Radiology
  • Abdominal Radiology
  • Breast Imaging
  • Women’s Imaging (Breast, Obstetric, and Gynecologic Imaging)


In addition to subspecialty interpretations, REAL Radiology physicians are available and provide emergent reads 24/7/365. Our teleradiology services facilitate virtually instantaneous viewing of medical imaging results, allowing our clients’ patient care providers to diagnose and treat their patients more efficiently and effectively.

Our Standards

Accredited by The Joint Commission (2013), REAL Radiology upholds the highest standards of excellence. The services we provide are essential to many medical practices and facilities, including radiology groups, hospital systems, and rural community hospitals that especially benefit from having access to additional support and subspecialty radiology expertise that is on par with that available at a major research hospital. We also work closely with our clients’ in-house radiologists to ensure that our goals and practices are fully aligned. Together, we deliver more effective health care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Who We Serve


- Radiology Groups
- Hospitals
- Stand-Alone Emergency Rooms
- Multi-Specialty/Imaging Centers
- And More


Real Radiology physician owners and core physicians are fellowship trained.
- Body Imaging
- Neuro
- Women's Imaging (FFDM & 3D/Tomo)
- Prostate Imaging


- Licensed in all 50 states & Bermuda

Support When You Need It

The shortage of radiologists and the demand for timely and accurate diagnostic interpretations (especially for emergency departments and free-standing emergency centers) has continued to escalate. Our experienced radiologists provide timely interpretations of both stat, critical, and routine studies, resulting in improved patient care.

 – Chuck Self

24/7 Dependability

At the core of Real Radiology’s teleradiology practice is our physician leadership. With over (45) years of collective experience in teleradiology, Real’s radiologist-owners, along with our group’s dedicated physicians, administration, IT, and customer support teams, continuously strive to deliver exceptional patient care 24/7/365.

Subspeciality Expertise for All Facilities

It can become difficult and expensive to staff radiologists in every specialty. At Real Radiology, we use the latest technology in the radiology field, along with our professional team of U.S. based radiologists, to improve the quality of patient care for hospitals and multi-speciality facilities in need of our fellowship trained physicians. 

In addition to their subspecialty training, Real Radiology physicians are experts in providing emergent reads. At the moment you need a reliable team to provide you with an accurate read with a timely turn-around, Real Radiology will be there for you. 

We provide rural community hospitals and radiology group clients with the additional support and subspecialty expertise of a major research hospital.