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Need a teleradiology team you can trust?

When you need timely and accurate reads, you might not have the radiology staff you need. Real Radiology provides the high-quality team you can rely upon to help you deliver better patient care.

Outstanding Turn-Around Times

Our on-demand teleradiology team can provide timely interpretations of critical and routine studies.

12 Month Agreement Rate:


Exceptional Radiologists

Our radiologists are ABR-certified (or eligible), fellowship-trained, US-based physicians. They ensure the accurate and accessible support you need to provide the best possible patient care. 

Excellent Technology Support

Because Real Radiology was built BY radiologists, FOR radiologists, we’ve placed high value on making our partnership as efficient for your practice as possible, which includes excellent technology support.

12 Month Agreement Rate:


Turn Around TIme

Real Radiology provides ongoing performance transparency for active and potential new clients. Below you will find Real Radiology’s average turn around times and agreement rates. This full disclosure of our performance provides accountability to the commitments we’ve made. We deliver an industry-leading level of service; quality, on-time, patient care-focused reporting.

Shared Strengths & Synergies Achieved Through Our Acquisition of Argus Radiology

Teleradiology Services

As a national provider of teleradiology services, Real Radiology has raised the bar for patient-care excellence in the high-demand health care industry. Due in large part to our high-quality radiology reporting and transparent turnaround times, we continue to strategically grow our client base of hospitals and radiology groups while proudly maintaining a near 100% retention rate. The cornerstone of our success is our exceptional group of fellowship-trained radiologists who are certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) (or eligible for certification). Our seasoned professionals expertly interpret imaging studies for our clients, and our partner radiologists capably lead our organization.

Real Radiology has established the benchmark for sustainable growth while maintaining our steadfast commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and their patients. For instance, in 2018 we acquired Argus Radiology Consultants, LLC, allowing us to achieve additional coverage strength and capacity. Today, we’re flourishing, mainly because the market has responded favorably to our proactive and specialized approach to teleradiology.  

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The experience level and commitment of our team means you can count on accurate reporting, accessible physicians, and attentive customer support 24/7/365.

  • Sub-specialty trained radiologists with extensive experience in emergent studies
  • Quality Assurance Program providing consistent high agreement rates
  • RADPEER/ACR Submission
  • Meeting TATs & QA = Quality of life improvements for clients, care providers and patients


Real Radiology offers an intuitive online interface with live updates: enter orders, track cases, and view reports and images instantly from anywhere. Real’s IT platform was built by innovators of the teleradiology industry.

  • Easy to implement and customizable
  • User-friendly, comprehensive for Techs
  • Automated storage
  • Highest level of security possible, currently trusted by Department of Defense clientele
  • HIPAA compliant, stable cloud-based PACS
  • 99.999% up-time


We understand and accept the responsibility of delivering reliable service. We built this business to meet each client’s specific needs. The Real team works mindfully to provide clients with the best teleradiology services available – and we’re here 24/7/365.

  • US-Based Physicians and Operations
  • All radiologists ABR Certified
  • Efficient, Professional Credentialing Team
  • Unique physician scheduling and low-profile credentialing footprint to ensure consistent coverage and commitments met

WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY about partnering with real radiology

“Our facility entered into an agreement with Real Radiology one year ago for services to be provided from 9:00PM until 7:00AM, 7 days each week. We have enjoyed timely and uninterrupted service since day one of the contract. Our average turn-around-times are on the order of 18 minutes, with concise reporting that is available to our Medical Staff. Additionally, Real Radiology provides a search-able database on their website that allows me to query various statistics. This is very useful in reporting not only turn-around-times, but other metrics such as cost, frequency of exams, etc. I appreciate my relationship with Real Radiology”

— Chuck Self, Director, Medical Imaging for Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas

The Benefits of Teleradiology Over Traditional Radiology

Teleradiology Services

The U.S. health care system continues to evolve at an exceedingly rapid pace. To successfully navigate this ever-changing landscape, Real Radiology is committed to remaining agile and adaptable. We recognize the potential of telemedicine in revolutionizing the delivery of many aspects of health care, including radiology, and we’re proud to offer high-quality teleradiology services performed by exceptional, fellowship-trained, ABR-certified (or eligible) radiologists.

As compared to traditional radiology services, our teleradiology solutions offer many advantages, including:

  • Enhanced patient care – Our radiologists provide timely and highly refined expertise without having to be in the same physical location as the patient. Because a qualified radiologist is always available to interpret a particular type of imaging scan, the overall quality of radiology reporting is vastly improved.
  • 24/7/365 collaboration – Our radiologists are accessible to our clients’ patient care providers at all times. We follow ACR guidelines for all critical findings. The Real Radiology physician will call the care-providing physician directly to convey the critical finding.
  • Faster diagnostics and treatment – Our teleradiology services facilitate virtually instantaneous viewing of medical imaging results, allowing physicians to diagnose and treat their patients more efficiently.
  • Better workflows – Our platform was designed for teleradiology, incorporating efficiency, security and HIPAA compliance. Real Radiology’s RIS/PACS achieves 99.999% uptime. Interacting with the facility’s IT, our team efficiently tailors the integration (gateway application, HL7, Bi-directional HL7, auto-fetching of prior studies) to meet the facility’s needs.

By breaking down geographic barriers and eliminating the need to travel, telemedicine is serving an increasingly significant role in expanding the reach of every medical specialty, including radiology. Real Radiology’s on-demand teleradiology services afford physicians with wide-ranging and around-the-clock access to specialty radiology expertise, ultimately improving patient outcomes while simultaneously lowering health care costs.

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