A New Look for A New Chapter!

Company News

This is a very exciting time for Real Radiology!

Whether you have known us for a while or you are visiting us for the first time, things look and feel different.  We will always be the partner you have come to know but our highly physician focused approach has positioned us in a very atypical spot: we actually have capacity available and turnaround times in well under what we are told is the ‘new industry standard’.  That is not normal.  It is REAL though.  This has allowed us to grow and do it in a very sustainable way.  We are not taking on new customers under the premise that ‘3-5 hours is the new acceptable normal’ (because it’s not), we are taking on new customers with methodically timed go live dates scheduled to new radiologist onboarding, allowing us to maintain our current industry leading turnaround times.

Since we are experiencing substantial growth, some things need to change.  The first thing is a more up-to-date and modern look.  We wanted this look to be more representative of where we are now as a company instead of where we were over a decade ago.   The teleradiology space has changed substantially during that time and we needed to change with it.  We wanted this website to be a bit more condensed because we do one thing and we do it at a high level:  teleradiology.  We are not trying to get in the picture archiving space or the radiology information systems space.  We are sticking to what we do best.  We owe that to our customers and to our radiologist partners.

You will notice that we have started to refer to what we do as a modern service.  Until now most teleradiology services have, by and large, all been seen as equal.  A commodity almost.  It was a question of who had capacity and who did not.  The ones who did have capacity had it at 3-hour turnaround times.  The ones who did not, struggled to perform.  We refer to what we do as a modern service because we produce turnaround times at a fraction of what the competition is.  We feel that in 2023 you have certain expectations of us, and they are expectations that we can exceed. For Real.

You may also notice that our social media accounts have become more active (or new ones have popped up) in the past few months.  This is another change that we are taking very seriously.  We feel that this is a good way for you to get to know us a little bit better and in ‘Real’ time.  Who are leaders are, why what we are doing matters.  After all, we are looking for long-term partnerships, and it only makes sense for you to get to know us a bit on a personal level.  If you have not already, click the links and follow us on our socials.  We will be using some of those platforms as main lines of communication at industry events and, of course, RSNA, which we will certainly be attending in November of this year.

We very much appreciate you taking the time to look over the new website and social media accounts.  We are very excited about this new chapter in our evolution as a modern teleradiology provider.  If you are interested in coming onboard as a customer, radiologist, or an employee, please fill out one of the contact forms.  We definitely want to talk.  For Real.