Growing Up with a Telerad Dad


One would think the most driven person you know would probably be absent most of the time, busy at work. However, that is not the case with my dad.

My dad working from home as a teleradiologist is something I will forever be grateful for. Despite working incredibly hard over 50 hours a week, he was always around. Having him there for the special moments – birthdays, soccer games, graduations – is wonderful, but him being around for the seemingly insignificant moments – making me Mickey Mouse pancakes before school, driving me around with Alt-Nation on the radio, never missing a family meal – are my favorite memories and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how unique my experience is.

Growing up, none of my friends’ parents worked from home and while this is typically the norm, I can’t even imagine a life where my dad had to leave home every day to go to work. While it’s something I often take for granted, the ability to run into his home office during his shifts with a question, story, or just to say hi is something I am truly grateful for. Although I’ve met few people as driven as he is, teleradiology has allowed him to be active in my life for as long as I can remember. When he’s working a night shift, I’ve never missed a goodnight before bed, I see him every single day – even on his busiest work weeks -, and even if teleradiology has only given us a few extra moments here and there, those moments add up significantly over the course of one’s life.

Not only has my dad’s teleradiology job allowed him to be a consistently active part of my life while simultaneously building his career, it has also given our family the freedom to travel the world. Born in Omaha, Nebraska I’ve moved to multiple incredible places growing up. From Omaha, my family moved to Zürich, Switzerland to embark on a wonderful three-year adventure and travel through Europe.

When deciding to move back to the states, the options of where to settle were endless given my dad’s ability to work from anywhere. We decided on Seattle, Washington – my favorite of all the places we’ve lived. After living in Seattle for five years, my family’s sense of adventure paired with the flexibility offered by teleradiology drew us to Vail, Colorado. Our time in Vail was incredibly special and unlike anything I’d ever experienced. In Vail winters, my family skied almost every day, living only ten minutes from the mountain;

In the summers, the hiking and outdoor adventures were limitless. After four years in Vail, we missed Seattle too much and decided to move back. The ability to move so freely has given me a strong sense of adventure, independence, and adaptability to new environments. It’s also made my family extremely close as we’ve overcome the difficult trials that come with moving as well as created lasting memories with each new home. The unique adventures my family has embarked on thanks to the flexibility and freedom that comes with teleradiology has truly shaped my childhood and enhanced my life.

It might be uncommon to feel so thankful for the specific career one’s parent has chosen, but my life would be completely different if my dad had a “normal” job. Choosing to be a teleradiologist allowed my dad to be an active part in all the moments of my life – however big or small -, offered us countless more memories together, let me see firsthand his inspiring work ethic, and gave us the freedom to adventure.

Written by:  Ava Jaksha